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How do I set up e-mail accounts?

The following instructions only apply if you have ordered one of our e-mail plans for your domain name.

You can easily set up e-mail accounts ispCP. Just follow these simple instructions:
  1. Log on to ispCP using your domain name and your Domain24 password.
  2. From the icons at the top, select E-mail accounts
  3. In the menu on the left, click on Create e-mail account.
  4. Fill in the form:
    For your user name choose a name that consists only of letters and digits. This user name, which always ends in @your.domain, will also be the e-mail address used for sending and receiving messages.

    For your password choose one that you can remember but cannot be easily guessed.

    You can check the option E-mail forwarding if you want all e-mails sent to this address automatically forwarded to another address. If that's what you want, just enter the target addresses in the box below.
  5. Click on Create.
Now your e-mail account has been set up.
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