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What's my FTP login?

The following instructions only apply if you have ordered one of our hosting plans for your domain name.

In order to access your hosting plan through FTP, you must set up an FTP account as follows:
  1. Log into Liveconfig using your credentials.
  2. From the icons on the left, select Webspace.
  3. Click "Add FTP account.
  4. Fill in the form:
    Choose an FTP user name consisting only of letters and digits. You enter this user name in your FTP client.

    As your FTP password, choose something you can remember but others cannot guess.

    In most cases, you can ignore the Use different start folder option.
  5. Click on Create.
With these four steps, you have created an FTP account that you can use with your FTP client. When you configure your client, use your.domain as the server or host, wherever that is required.
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