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Private Domain Registration

Protect yourself from spam, fraud, and identity theft

A private registration protects your personal information from unwanted access through public WHOIS directories.

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Did you know? Whenever you register a domain name, your personal information is published online in an open directory run by the domain's registry. You can, for example, find out the name and contact data of any .de-domain's owner using DENIC's public WHOIS service. Similar services exist for most other domain types. That information can be accessed by anyone anytime anywhere!

Using private registration, we register your domain in the name of one of our partners so that your personal information is never sent to the registry. Now your personal information is protected from spammers, fraudsters, and identity thieves!

Every time a domain name is registered, the personal information of the domain owner are sent to the domain's registry. Based on the registry's terms and conditions, they are then published in a WHOIS service where they can be accessed by anyone anytime anywhere. An example for that is DENIC's WHOIS service for .de domain names. Depending on which registry is involved, those WHOIS services publish anything from the domain owner's name to his postal and email address to sometimes even a private phone number.

By privately registering your domain name, you can stop anyone from ever retrieving your personal information through these services. When we process a private registration, instead of using your name, we submit the name of our partner company Privacy Protection Ltd. to the registry. Now whenever someone searches the WHOIS service, they won't find your name and contact data but that of our partner company. Thus, your personal information is fully protected from unwanted access!

  • Your personal information is never sent to the registry.
  • No one can access your personal information through the public WHOIS services.
  • You have full control over what information people can find out about you online.
  • Private registrations add no limits or restrictions to your use of your domain name.

Do private registrations offer secure protection against identity theft?

When you register a domain name privately, your personal information is never published in the domain registry's public WHOIS service - because the registry doesn't know it! Fraudsters and other criminals are thus stopped from accessing your information this way. You still need to take care though that you do not inadvertently publish personal information on your own website or elsewhere.

Neither Domain24 nor our partner companies publish your information. We only release them to interested third parties such as law enforcement agencies if we are legally required to do so. You will, in any case, be contacted prior to any such release and will have the opportunity to address the request yourself.

Are there any disadvantages with private registrations?

Private registrations bring no disadvantages. You retain full control of your domain name and can use it any way you want, including setting up forwarding, changing nameservers, or setting up webhosting. The only effect a private registration has lies in what is displayed in public WHOIS services.

What kind of domain names can be registered privately?

We offer this service for any domain name ending in .DE, .EU.AT, .CH, .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, or .NAME an. We intend to increase our offering beyond that list in the future.

Are there any disallowed uses private registrations?

Our private registration offering is not intended to conceal illegal activities or violations of rights held by third parties. You are therefore required not to operate your domain name for illegal purposes. In case of litigation or criminal prosecutions, we will try to contact you and provide you with an opportunity to respond, which we must receive within 24 hours. We reseve the right to cancel private registration of your domain if necessary to prevent damage from us or our partner company. You can find more details in our Private Registration Terms & Conditions.


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